10Power Provides Solar for Water Purification Centers in Haiti

10Power Provides Solar for Water Purification Centers in Haiti
Company Providing Global Renewable Energy Access Announces First Projects

A crew from Greentec, a local Haitian solar company, installs panels on water purification sites in Courjolle, Haiti. Third party finance for the project was provided by 10Power.
A crew from Greentec, a local Haitian solar company, installs panels on water purification sites in Courjolle, Haiti. Third party finance for the project was provided by 10Power.

San Francisco, CA – 10Power, a mission-driven business providing renewable energy internationally to populations without access to electricity, is proud to announce their first two energy storage and solar projects in Haiti on water purification centers owned by DloHaiti, an organization providing potable water in underserved communities.

Located in the communities of Corail and Courjolle, North of Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, both projects include energy storage, solar PV generation and asset tracking technology. Working with validated local installer, Greentec, who will provide ongoing operations and maintenance on the equipment, 10Power provided project development and third-party finance enabling the installations.

“Paying for solar month by month means dloHaiti can dedicate more capital to our core purpose of providing clean drinking water to the Bottom of the Pyramid,” said DloHaiti founder, Jim Chu. “It is unacceptable that people are still dying of easily preventable diseases like cholera and dysentery. We want to reach as many communities as we can, as quickly as possible and 10Power is helping us achieve this.”

Third-party finance is the missing piece 10Power provides to enable energy access for the 1.3 Billion people, or 19% of humanity, who do not have electricity today.  Beginning in Haiti, where over 60% of the population does not have access to the grid, 10Power is creating a globally scalable model for clean development powered by renewable energy.   

The announcement was made at the seventh annual Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM7), where energy ministers from countries around the world gathered, hosted by Dr. Ernest Moniz, Secretary of the U.S. Department of Energy, to discuss next steps to address climate change following the COP21 climate talks held in Paris in December. 10Power was featured in the CEM7 Startups and Solutions Showcase featuring companies competitively selected from around the world for their cutting edge work.

“We are thrilled to announce our first projects at such a prestigious event,” said 10Power CEO and Founder Sandra Kwak. “The collaboration between policy and business leaders represented at CEM7 is a big step towards rapidly accelerating the innovation needed to reverse climate change.”


About 10Power

10Power provides energy storage and renewable generation internationally to communities that lack access to electricity. Coupling project development with the third-party finance model that created exponential growth in the US to the global solar market, 10Power is bringing the building blocks for sustainable modernization to 1.3 Billion human beings. For more information visit www.10pwr.com.

About Greentec

Greentec is a Haitian owned and operated green energy provider committed to building a stronger Haiti through sustainable energy. Greentec provides innovative solutions for clean energy including engineering and design adapted to the local environment, superior quality products, professional installation, ongoing support and maintenance. For more information, visit www.greentecsa.com.

About DloHaiti

DloHaiti’s core operation and brand is based on local production and distribution of clean drinking water in underserved rural and peri-urban communities where public infrastructure isn’t enough to meet growing demand.  DloHaiti’s model creates cost-effective micro-distribution networks that resolve difficult logistical and inventory financing challenges for small, predominantly women-operated retailers at the Bottom of the Pyramid. For more information, visit www.dlohaiti.com.

About CEM7

The Clean Energy Ministerial is the follow-up meeting to the COP21 U.N. Convention of Parties climate change talks December 2016 in Paris. Participating energy ministries include Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, the European Commission, Finland, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Norway, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and the United States. For more information visit www.cem7.org.

Join 10Power and Energy Excelerator at VERGE Hawaii

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Tuesday, June 21 at 3:15 pm – Honolulu, Hawaii – 10Power will present in the Accelerate program on the main stage at VERGE Hawaii to a live audience of business leaders, government officials and investors, as well as to a global online audience. As winner of the VERGE Accelerate San Jose pitch competition, 10Power was fast tracked to present at VERGE Hawaii. Winners of VERGE Hawaii Accelerate will get fast track access into the Energy Excelerator’s application process. Winners will receive personal and dedicated contact with the EEx review team, which get companies a significant step closer to being a part of their 2017 cohort.

The Energy Excelerator is a program that funds and accelerates innovative startups solving the world’s energy challenges with support from the U.S. Office of Na val Research, U.S. Department of Energy, State of Hawaii, and our corporate partners.

For more on the Energy Excelerator, visit: http://energyexcelerator.com/

For more on VERGE, visit: https://www.greenbiz.com/events/verge/honolulu/2016

10Power Featured in CEM7 Coverage


Energy ministers from around the world converged with business and NGO leaders and entrepreneurs in downtown San Francisco on June 1 for the first day of the Clean Energy Ministerial 7th gathering (CEM7) to figure out how to transition the world to clean energy.

But it was entrepreneurs and businesses that got things going.  In a vast tent in San Francisco’s iconic union square across from where the ministers met, some 93 entrepreneurs and businesses exhibited their wares — everything from microgrids in a box to 3D printed electric cars.

For more visit https://www.greenbiz.com/article/bold-goals-cem7-philips-projects-2-billion-leds-sold

Visit 10Power at the Clean Energy Ministerial

Clean Energy Ministerial

The United States will host the seventh Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM7) in San Francisco, California, on June 1 & 2, 2016. The Clean Energy Ministerial is the follow-up meeting to the COP21 U.N. Convention of Parties climate change talks last December in Paris. The participating energy ministries include Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, the European Commission, Finland, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Norway, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

CEM7 will bring the global energy policymakers together with visionaries from the business and investment communities and other clean energy experts to drive high-impact, real-world action. In addition to ministerial working sessions and public-private roundtable discussions, CEM7 will feature a clean energy action day with opportunities for the energy ministers and business leaders to highlight ambitious clean energy efforts and announce new actions to help achieve national and global clean energy goals. A two-day tented technology exhibit in San Francisco’s Union Square will showcase clean energy technologies and innovative business models driving clean energy deployment around the world.

Come and visit 1oPower is booth #348.

Learn more at www.cem7.org

10Power Wins Prize at Global Social Venture Competition

Just before April we arrived in Thailand for the Global Social Venture Competition (GSVC), featuring “The Best Social Ventures on the Planet“. The talent, hard work, and heart of the folks at this competition was truly remarkable. We enjoyed listening to the many moving stories from business and thought leaders around the world. It was an incredible and memorable event for us at 10Power, and we were truly honored to present on the main stage as a top 6 finalist, winning a cash prize for our efforts to empower the world through clean growth! Thank you to GSVC for facilitating partnerships and friendships around the globe. Congratulations to all of the competitors: 











Ama’s Pop Up

Hygia Sanitation


Link Accessibility


Zéphyr & Borée


Featured OpenIDEO Climate Innovator: 10Power

The Story of 10Power is currently featured on OpenIDEO’s Climate Innovation Platform.

OpenIDEO is a global open innovation platform.

The Climate Innovation Challenge was born from OpenIDEO’s quest: “to understand how we can best support creative approaches to tackling climate change. We reached out broadly and listened to government officials, foundations, entrepreneurs, investors, NGOs, students, teachers, and designers.

And what we heard, time and again, was the need for storytelling.

All over the world, people are dedicating their lives to tackling climate change in creative ways. They are building new technology, exploring new business models and creating new ways to reduce our footprint. It’s time to celebrate their pioneering leadership and support their efforts. It’s time to share their stories on a global stage and build connections that can accelerate impact.

These stories can offer inspiration. They can teach us how to take action in our own communities. They can raise awareness and connect us to climate innovators who are already making a difference. Climate change is a global problem and everyone, everywhere, can be a part of the solution. Together, we can accomplish much more than we can as individuals.”

10Power Presents at COP21 Innovation Event

On the issue of climate we must be united. This concerns the whole of humanity. –French President François Hollande

COP21—the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris—provides an opportunity for us all to take unified action toward a more sustainable future. To build on this global effort, OpenIDEO has asked community members, friends and creative individuals around the world to host events during COP21 (November 30 – December 11). These convenings will focus on learning from local climate innovators and brainstorming how we might support more innovation to address climate change.

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10Power Wins VERGE Accelerate

VERGE Accelerate Winner LogoSan Jose, CA – VERGE, the world’s leading conference at the intersection of technology and sustainability, holds an Accelerate competition each year to showcase qualified, early stage startups with world-changing ideas. This year’s winners: 10Power, a B-Corp bringing renewable energy to international markets that lack electricity and EiP Technologies– a low-hassle roof wind turbine installer.

On October 29, 2015, 10Power pitched from the main stage alongside competitors and won via mobile votes from live and online audiences, and received accolades from venture capitalist judges Nancy Pfund of DBL and Danny Kennedy of Sungevity and Powerhouse.

This was a great milestone on 10Power’s trajectory. We are thankful to VERGE for this opportunity,” said CEO and Founder Sandra Kwak.

Winning the VERGE Accelerate program can gain startups valuable exposure, partnerships, and funding opportunities. Previous winners include: XL Hybrid (2013), an electric hybrid conversion company that recently raised $10.2 million in funding, and Mosaic (2012), a peer-to-peer lending platform that connects clean energy investors to solar projects to promote more clean energy investing.  Mosaic had only been established a year prior to winning the VERGE Accelerator and today they have raised over $24 Million in funding, are 55 employees strong, and are experiencing strong month-on-month revenue growth.

10Power presents at VERGE

About 10Power
On a mission to redefine international development as sustainable innovation, 10Power provides solar finance and project management for enterprises in emerging economies that lack equal access to electricity. Through a network of community partners, 10Power is building long-term capacity for renewable energy, clean water, gender empowerment, and ecosystem restoration. Currently, 10Power has projects underway in Haiti – one of the most energy poor nations on the planet.

Affordable energy is the foundation upon which all the advantages of modern civilization are built.  Yet, 1.3 billion people (19% of the global population) do not have access to adequate electricity. Today, renewable technologies can be provided at affordable prices, giving communities around the globe access to local energy generation that is clean, affordable, and reliable. 10Power is bringing access to renewable energy to the places that need it the most.

For more information contact: founders@10pwr.com

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