10Power Certified by Map Collective as a Carbon Plan Member

10Power is proud to announce that it has been certified by Map Collective as a Carbon Plan member. Map Collective is helping companies and countries get to “net zero” with a an online hub for carbon footprint tracking, and locational environmental data. The collective helps individuals and organizations to understand their unique environmental impact, while creating personalized solutions to mitigate the risks of climate change. 10Power will be able to use this membership to help develop a plan to track global emissions reductions created by their energy access solar projects, taking into account the embodied energy in solar panels, batteries and equipment as well as emissions associated with operations.

“We’re grateful to the Map Collective team for their personalized assistance in calculating the company’s negative carbon footprint and positive environmental impact. We’re excited to use this certification and information to improve 10Power’s global impact,” said Sandra Kwak, 10Power Founder and CEO.

10Power is a social impact enterprise that provides renewable and reliable energy to communities that lack access to electricity through project development and finance for commercial-scale solar installations. Based in San Francisco, California and with operations centralized in Haiti, 10Power uses a unique, market-based approach to enable its customers to grow operations and create employment opportunities. 10Power also partners with local solar installers and provides training with attention to gender empowerment in pursuit of our mission to create regenerative international development through sustainable innovation.

Map Collective is a DC-based company which tracks global carbon usage and issues quotas and certifications to countries, businesses and smaller governmental municipalities hoping to help in the fight against climate change.