10Power Joins the Explorers Club as EC50 Member

In a world often overshadowed by the noise of mainstream media and the allure of celebrity culture, there exists a remarkable group of individuals whose work is quietly shaping the future of our planet and all life upon it. The Explorer Club 50 (EC50) stands as a beacon of recognition for these unsung heroes, celebrating their dedication to science, exploration, and innovation. Each year, the Explorers Club bestows this honor upon 50 extraordinary people who, despite operating under the radar, are making profound contributions to humanity and the world we inhabit. These individuals are not just exploring the unknown; they are actively shaping the course of our collective future.

The Explorers Club was incorporated on October 25, 1905. Famous members have included Theodore Roosevelt, Sylvia Earle, John Glenn, Kathryn Sullivan, Jim Fowler, Walter Cronkite, Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh, Sir Edmund Hillary, Buzz Aldrin and Albert I Prince of Monaco (Wikipedia).

10Power Founder Sandra Kwak is honored to join the EC50 2024 class. 

Exploring the Unseen:

The essence of exploration lies not only in charting uncharted territories but also in delving into the depths of knowledge and pushing the boundaries of human understanding. The EC50 honorees embody this spirit of curiosity and inquiry, fearlessly venturing into realms both physical and intellectual.

Consider the marine biologist who pioneers groundbreaking research into the hidden depths of our oceans, unveiling new species and ecosystems that hold the key to understanding the intricate web of life on Earth. Or the astrophysicist who peers into the far reaches of the cosmos, unraveling the mysteries of the universe and expanding our comprehension of existence itself. These explorers of the unseen are not content with the status quo; they strive to unlock the secrets of the universe and illuminate the path forward for humanity.

Inspiring Innovation:

Beyond exploration, the EC50 recognizes individuals who inspire innovation and creativity, driving progress in fields ranging from technology to the arts. These visionaries possess an uncanny ability to see beyond the confines of the present moment, envisioning a future where the impossible becomes possible.

Take, for instance, the social entrepreneur who harnesses the power of technology to empower marginalized communities and catalyze positive social change. Through innovative solutions and unwavering determination, they are breaking down barriers and building a more equitable world for all. Similarly, the artist who uses their craft to challenge conventional thinking and provoke meaningful dialogue, sparking imaginations and igniting the flames of inspiration in the hearts of millions.

Embracing Diversity and Collaboration:

One of the most remarkable aspects of the EC50 is the diversity of perspectives and backgrounds represented among its honorees. From scientists and explorers to activists and artists, this esteemed group reflects the rich tapestry of human experience and the myriad ways in which individuals can contribute to positive change.

Moreover, the EC50 serves as a platform for fostering collaboration and fostering connections among like-minded individuals who share a passion for exploration and discovery. By bringing together experts from diverse disciplines and backgrounds, the EC50 creates opportunities for cross-pollination of ideas and the exchange of knowledge, leading to innovative solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

Indeed, the EC50 is more than just a list of honorees; it is a global community of changemakers united by a common purpose. Whether through collaborative research projects, joint advocacy efforts, or shared artistic endeavors, the EC50 community exemplifies the power of collective action in driving meaningful progress.

Creating a Sustainable Future:

Perhaps most importantly, the EC50 honorees are united by their commitment to creating a sustainable future for future generations. In the face of looming environmental challenges and global crises, these individuals are leading the charge toward a more harmonious relationship between humanity and the natural world.

From conservationists protecting endangered species and habitats to renewable energy pioneers spearheading the transition to a carbon-neutral economy, the EC50 encompasses a diverse array of voices and perspectives united by a common goal: to preserve the beauty and biodiversity of our planet for future generations. Their tireless efforts serve as a reminder that each of us has a role to play in safeguarding the Earth and ensuring a prosperous future for all.


The EC50 (Explorer Club 50) is proof of the power of individual action and collective ambition in shaping history. Through their tireless dedication and unwavering commitment to excellence, these 50 extraordinary individuals are not only changing the world; they are inspiring us all to reach for the stars and strive for a better tomorrow.

As we celebrate the accomplishments of the EC50 honorees, let us also reflect on our potential to make a difference in the world. Whether through scientific discovery, artistic expression, or community engagement, each of us has the power to leave a lasting impact on the world around us. Together, we can build a future that is not only sustainable and prosperous but also filled with wonder and possibility.

In the words of the Explorers Club, “The world needs to know” about the remarkable work being done by the EC50 and the countless others dedicated to shaping a brighter future for all of humanity. Let us amplify their voices, celebrate their achievements, and join them in the noble pursuit of exploration, inspiration, and innovation. The world is waiting, and the possibilities are limitless.

Congratulations to the EC50 2024 Class – read more about members’ work here: https://50.explorers.org/community